Let's Bond a Little with a Story: How I Fell in Love with My Craft

So today, I have a story to tell you. I have recently joined the Alex Beadon 7-Day Blog Challenge and I have been given the assignment to tell my experience of how I’ve come to pursue what I currently believe to be my passion.

Since I love Video, Photography, and Graphic Design. Let’s start with the foundation—which is my first love…Filmmaking

I have an outstanding reputation for not being sentimental, or being in touch with my feelings. So, this will be new for me. But my goal is to connect with those who actually take the time out to read my blog so…let’s get sappy for a minute!!

Alright… So here’s my story…

That’s me--in teenie bopper form. 

Probably the first selfie I've ever taken....and I apparently picked a terrible filter

Probably the first selfie I've ever taken....and I apparently picked a terrible filter

Surprisingly, I don’t have a tale for you about receiving my first camcorder for Christmas and falling in love with the craft as I pranced around the forest. I found film through a different means….

Before I entered high school, I had a tight knit circle of artists who were my besties. We go waaay back like legos and play-doh. At lunch, we’d all pull out our sketchbooks and talk about the latest sketch we scribbled out. Through art we built a solid friendship. Our weekends consisted of racing down K-mart’s aisles in shopping carts, chugging back sugary Jarritos (a Mexican soda..I loved the Lime one) and videos games. They were all I knew.

When we graduated however, my parents made the decision to send me to a Catholic private school because the public school district did not meet their standards. So like that, I lost a great deal of contact with the crew.

I never realized how exceptionally shy I was until high school. I was so used to being with my friends—I guess I just forgot how to make new ones.

So, I didn’t...


Freshman year was pretty rough. I sat at lunch alone, walked to class alone, probably hit up a few football games alone…As you might’ve guessed. It was pretty lonely. As I type this I still sort of get a sad feeling.. (Sad panda).

But anywho, two things I loved doing during my miserable, anti-social, freshman year was listening to music, daydreaming, and doing what I do best… draw.  It was almost a crutch at times. If I had my nose in a sketchbook, I wouldn’t have to worry about looking like a sad lonely kid with no one to talk to. People thought  I was hella weird anyway, so it worked out.

Music was and still is my biggest inspiration. When I heard a song that inspired me, I would have elaborate daydreams, then I’d draw about it. I’d play that song over and over, as I sketched away, quietly singing the words verbatim. 

A throwback drawing I kept from my teen days. The song reminded me of Summer. It had a 70s vibe..

A throwback drawing I kept from my teen days. The song reminded me of Summer. It had a 70s vibe..

Fast forward to now, and high school got a bit better as I progressed toward senior year. I met a few weird people, and we became weird together (so shout out to my weird high school friends. I appreciate you for helping me survive high school).

Then I graduated and went to college.

When it came time for me to choose a major and a career path, I thought about choosing art since that’s all I’ve done up to this point.. But as I nibbled on the end of my ball point pen, and scanned over the sheet of majors and programs that my university offered, I didn’t feel compelled to tick art (Plot twist! Dun dun dun....).

I realized..

It wasn’t so much the act of drawing that I was passionate about, but the act of making my ideas tangible for the world to see that made the little panda in me giddy.  


I was obsessed with my daydreams and visions. Drawing was simply the quickest way I knew how to illustrate them.

So! Like making a crazy, split-decision turn at a fork in the road (and crashing your metaphorical car into some barriers along the way), I ticked film/video production. I wanted to take these visions and daydreams to the next level, set them in motion, and I wanted everyone to view them. I wanted everyone to see what I saw in my head. 

And that’s it! That’s my passion. Bringing visions, fantasies, daydreams, or whatever party you have going on in your head to life the best way I can. Because I’m not the only one with visions and grand ideas. Everyone has them, and it’s gratifying to get those visions out.

Whether it’s a story, a choreographed dance, a music video, fitness demo, cooking a delicious dish, you name it, let’s conceptualize it, and make it look badass. Let’s do it.

P.S: I’m not a quiet kid anymore. I’m actually quite friendly. And LOVE hearing about other people’s visions. So, What visions do you have for yourself? Ever envisioned something while listening to music? Once again, I’m all ears..and would love to help.  So, let me know….

--Mad Panda Out

P.S.S: Thought I'd might as well throw in my latest video project. You can check it out below!