NAB 2018: Keslow Edition!

Since I’ve been working at Keslow Camera for almost 1.5 years, I have to admit my experience at NAB was a bit different. I work around cameras at least 40 hours a week, so marveling at an Alexa or RED on display doesn’t hold the same impact. Instead, it was the finer details that interested me. One thing I have learned as a Prep Tech is that time is of the essence, so anything that can save even an extra minute or two for the clients is worth noting. So! Without further ado, here are the little guys, that make a big impact. 

The first thing on my bucket list was to meet my instagram hero @SteadiJess at the Easyrig booth! For the record, she is definitely as cool as she appears to be on instagram. Once multiple selfies and photos of Jess were squared away, we began to discuss what new features EasyRig is bringing to the table, and she instantly mentioned the new “Easy Rig Quick Release” 


As a Prep Technician at Keslow Camera, I am all too familiar with the classic Eyebolt accompanied by the frog clamp. With the new quick release, Latching and unlatching the camera now only requires a “quick click” to the newly designed ball joint. Jess strapped me in to an easy rig, and I have to agree, It takes less effort, and you’re ready to go in seconds. 

Converted Footage.mp4.00_01_39_11.Still001.jpg


Next on the list is Wooden Camera's wooden matte box. Even though Wooden Camera caters to a prosumer market. I’m still loving the direction they’re taking with engineering products that save time in a subtle way. One popular item I saw floating around the convention, including the Schneider booth, is the new rubber matte box. 

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Wooden Camera


Matte Box

Rather than have filter trays, if you have a single 4x5 ND or specialty filter that you’d like to use. This little matte box enables you to quickly pop it in, and clamp it on to the lens. With it’s compact size and ultra light weight material, I think this is an awesome addition for those who like to prep their Freefly Movi package. The clamps come in various sizes, but have reduction rings as well. I often noticed that Movi operators opt for 4 1/2 clamp ons to keep the rig light weight, which limits their selection, or results in us sub-renting specialty round filters like True ND's for example.   

So confession time, maybe there was one camera I had to marvel at before parting ways with NAB show, and that of course was the latest addition to the Arri Alexa line, the Alexa LF. Not only does this new system have a sensor double the size of it's predecessors, but it is also accompanied by new line of lenses called the Signature Primes. I had an opportunity to chat with Arri's Technical Sales Rep, Chase Hagen about all of the features this workhorse has to offer. Below is a 13-minute overview of the entire system. 


I'm definitely excited to see these tools in the field, and hope that we can incorporate some of these time savers at the rental house as well! (More photos below!) 

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