MPU: My Top Online Tutorial Sites to Learn Creative Skills

I can definitely say that without these websites, I wouldn’t have progressed nearly as quickly as I have, and I am confident, that these websites will help you. Whether you’re into video, graphic design, photography, illustration, and even audio, these websites will give you the tools you need to get crackin’ on some great projects. Don’t view these websites as online tutorials, but as actual courses. Study what they have to offer carefully and practice along with them, as if you were in an actual classroom. Take notes.

I guess I’ll start from the beginning since this was the very first site I checked out when trying to get a better grasp on Photoshop. Since then, the site has expanded quite a bit and covers Photoshop, Illustrator, Design, Illustration, Web, Coding, Audio, and—well…you get the point. It covers everything and the kitchen sink! Either way, I definitely need to give this site its props. 

Screenshot taken from

Screenshot taken from

What I like about this website is its variety. This site is HUGE now. Like, friggin huge. According to the site, there’s now over 18,000 FREE tutorials. I could spend months exploring it. You can take on a small project like creating a movie poster in Photoshop, or you can invest more time in their tutorial series. I love their series, or what they now call their “Learning Guides”.


Finally, they also have courses for sale now. They're more focused on specific tasks or projects such as designing infographics, or photo manipulation. I haven’t personally purchased any courses yet, but seeing that I loved their free ones, I highly doubt the $15 courses disappoint. is a subscription based website geared towards helping anyone learn creative software for photography, graphic, design, video, audio, and web development through a series of videos.


For a minimum of $25 bucks a month, you get access to a pretty extensive library of videos taught by industry professionals, gurus, and professors. It’s definitely a one stop shop. 

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screenshot taken from

This website breaks down damn near every software you can think of in it’s entirety. From fundamentals, to intermediate, to “mastering” the software. Some of the courses span up to 21 hours! 


Luckily, the videos are broken into smaller sections. I’d recommend tackling a chapter or two a day. And they are thorough, introducing every tool, and every nook and cranny. Again, if you’re consistent with spending an hour two with Lynda daily. You’ll be a software beast. They also have smaller scale courses for branding, social media marketing, and business.


Cons: I have yet to complete a 21-hour course on At first glance, it’s pretty exciting knowing that you have 21 hours worth of info for Illustrator at your fingertips. But inevitably for me, ADD kicks in around day 3 or 4 and I neglect to continue the course altogether. The site can be a bit overwhelming at times. I get a intimidated when there’s a 2 hour chapter on the pen tool. But that’s me personally, I’m sure others can knock out 4 hours and be good to go. has a 7-day free trial, so you can check out what the site has to offer, and maybe learn a software or two.


So I’m being a little Captain Obvious here when I mention my next selection Youtube, but seriously..You can learn anything from Youtube. Youtube is like that homie I never had that knows everything. 

“Hey Youtube?”

“What up, Panda” 

“How do you use this damn image trace thing in Illustrator?”

“Oh please, I can tell you about that 80,700 ways” 


Okay, so maybe that’s when Youtube gets weird with the 80,700 results thing. But there are some real gems in those 80,700 results. So listed below, are my favorite “gems”  to follow: 

    Video: Film Riot, Video Co-Pilot, Nextwave DV

    Photography: DigitalRevTVPhlearn

    Graphic Design: Come to think of it, I don’t think I have any for graphic design… Weird.       Any suggestions? 


Alright. Last but not least we have Creativelive. Can I tell you something…? Come closer to the screen.  Pull your chair up. Closer…Just a little closer. Okay..CreativeLive…is the SHIT! 


No, really it is. I have learned more from CreativeLive than I have from anything else. Their approach to creative education is just…YES! 

Screenshot taken from

Screenshot taken from

CreativeLive is a website that streams live courses year-round on their platform for FREE. They reach out to some of the best professionals in the creative industry, and host 1-3 day courses throughout the week. Since it’s live, you can submit questions to the instructor and have them answered on air. There are also free resources such as e-workbooks available for download for you to follow along with during the course. These courses are the TRUTH.


The only con is that the courses run for 7 hours a day with a few breaks in between. For anyone who works an average 9-5, or simply has things to do, sitting through the entire course is out of the question. They do however give you the option to purchase the course for anytime access. But trust me, it’s well worth the money, I have purchased about 4 courses thus far, and don’t plan to stop. Try to purchase them during one of their seasonal sales they have throughout the year. It saves you quite a bit of money. 


Look, I can talk about this site all day. Because I’m obsessed with it. But this post has already gone long enough so please…help me help you. Check the site out, right now. 


So what am I missing here? What are your favorites go to sites? Definitely let me know, because I’m truly obsessed with tutorial sites. It’s an addiction that I’m proud of. So share, share, share. 


~Mad Panda Out