The Other Side of Me: 10 Fun facts about Mad Panda

10 Fun Facts about Mad Panda

So, as a brief update, I am currently in the Alex Beadon Feel Good 7-Day Blog Challenge. I skipped day 3 for a special reason (It's a surprise! :D). But day 4's assignment is to list 10 Fun things that others may not know about me. So let's begin! 

1. I am the proud mother of a wiener dog. 


Shinobi is my right hand man. I found him 2 years ago at an adoption fair for shelter dogs, and I've been crazy about him ever since. 

2. I am awful at wearing heels.

Heels are beautiful shoes. But when I wear them, I risk looking like a giraffe wearing roller blades. I try, really I do. I simply am not good at it. 

3. I studied abroad in Japan.

One of the best experiences of my life. I stayed in Tokyo and studied Japanese Business & Management and East Asian Culture. 

4.  I admire dancers, and secretly wish I could dance. 

I've always wanted to take a hip hop class, and in my spare time, I enjoy watching choreographed routines on Youtube. Not to mention, guys who can dance are my weakness (Channing Tatum...Omg...).

5.  I love to Cosplay/Dressup.

I get a huge kick out of cosplaying. Every year I attend a few local anime/comic book conventions.  I especially like making my own costumes out of thrifty clothing and household items (I have no sewing experience!! Power to the glue gun).

6. I lost 30 lbs.

In 2013 I decided to be more aware of what I was eating and exercising regularly.  30 lbs later, I am much happier, and actually ENJOY hitting the gym. 

7. My favorite animal is actually NOT a panda.

10 brownie points to anyone who actually knows what my favorite animal is.

8. I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog.

Been a fan since '92. ^_^  Even though the franchise continues to release Sonic the Hedgehog games. I'll still love the retro games for Sega Genesis the most. 

9.  My favorite Movie is Kill Bill Vol. 1. 

Everyone has that movie that they watch on a rainy day with wine and recite verbatim. Yep, Kill Bill is mine. I'll probably pop it in after I complete this blog post. It's been raining all week, and I just bought a fresh bottle of red moscato. . 

10. I am a tutorial hoarder.

I have a problem, really.  A good chunk of my paycheck goes to online courses from CreativeLive, and other online sites that sell courses. I spend hours learning photography, video production, and graphic design techniques. But hey, education is power! So, why not be an addict? You can check out my absolute favorite tutorial sites in my other blog post here

Ha, this was a fun blog post. ^_^ Everyone needs to make one of these! Feel free to posts some fun facts about you!