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Why hello there. My name is Jessica Tolliver, also known as Mad Panda—a tutorial hoarding, creative dabbling, enthusiast. Here you’ll find my portfolio and blog centered around my experiences with filmmaking. 


A little bit about my Blog. I love to learn and get inspired.


Don’t we all? If you don’t—you’re trippin’. Seriously. When it comes to Education and Inspiration, these are two crazy powerful forces to be reckoned with. Ultimately, it’s what lead me to create MadPandaLab.com. It’s sort of my diary that documents all the awesome stuff I’ve learned along the way. Here, you’ll find: 


My favorite resources and tutorial sites

My current work and projects

Learning experiences and adventures

Insanely dope inspiration that will make you question what you’re doing with your life. 

And that’s the goal. I’m addicted to that urge to get off my ass and start creating when I experience something inspiring. So whenever you’re in rut—come to the lab and talk to me for a while..


Got another minute? Check out 10 random facts about me when I'm not in the Lab. You'll quickly learn that I'm dorky.